University United R&D Center

University United R&D Center

Keying group employ chief scientist of zhejiang university as a technical consultant,and achieve a strategic cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences,Industrial Research Institute of Zhejiang University,College of Life Sciences of Jinan University,Guangdong Pharmaceutical University,Institute of Microbiology,Guangdong Academy of Sciences,to achieve cosmetics scientific research technology and breakthrough.

Keying - South China University of Technology
United Innovation Research Center of Green Functional Cosmetics

Keying group establish United Innovation Research Center of Green Functional Cosmetics with South China University of Technology.The research center is composed of famous professors, doctors and researchers from the fields of biomedicines, food science, polymer materials and environmental protection of South China University of Technology. There are 6 professors, 5 associate professors, 2 national outstanding youth and 12 doctors.Focus on five areas of research and development: natural plant development and application, biotechnology development and application, development and application of new cosmetic materials, green cosmetic formula technology research, product safety and functional evaluation technology research

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