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since 2001

Guangzhou Keying Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a set of cosmetics research and development, production, manufacturing, OEM/ODM, live online popular products to create as one of the enterprises, with 2 production bases, 100,000 aseptic workshop, 4000+ mature stable formula, nearly 100 patents and the world's top scientific research resources. Among the domestic cosmetics research and development, design, brand output of the first camp, is committed to building plant efficacy skin care pioneer.


R&D center


mature and stable formula


Intelligent production line


Sterile workshop


medical apparatus sterile workshop


2 Intelligent Production Bases 47 Intelligent Production Line

Keying Group has two intelligent production bases, Guangzhou Keying Cosmetics Co., LTD and Guangdong Keying Technology Co., LTD.Covers an area of 93338㎡,whit 19 intelligent production line,5 automatic makeup production line.

GMPC Authentication

Keying Group has passed the GMPC、ISO22716 certification

Annual Production Capacity-Million Tons

Keying group has 100,000 sterile workshop & 10,000 medical apparatus sterile workshop,can produce 23,000 tons of water, lotion, cream, essence and mask.

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